WebAudio-Controls PFA

Expérimental (not working yet...):

Guitar amp emulation made with the Web Audio API: : TRY NEW VERSION HERE!

Author: Michel Buffa (@micbuffa), GUI with the help of Mahdi Wartani.

You may visit the GitHub repo.

You need Google Chrome (the app should support soon other browsers) + don't forget to set the default input in your OS preferences. If you plugged a guitar in, then press the pulsing button in the middle of the Amp to activate it. Otherwise you can try the amp with the audio player on the left, press play and use the preset menu or the buttons/sliders.

Signal goes first throught hicut and low cut filters, then through 4 filters (F and Q), then to a distorsion stage (Ks), then to a tonestack (B/M/T/P) then to a master volume. It is then post processed by the EQ and a reverb, for fine tuning the tone, set the EQ after the rest. Finally there is a cabinet simulator (bottom of advanced settings).
Check this to understand how filters work.

Advanced settings

Press play to preview presets

Choose a demo sample:

Low and high cut frequencies

20 Hz
10000 Hz

Cut off frequencies (low, mid1, mid2, high)

147 Hz
569 Hz
1200 Hz
3500 Hz

Presence (Q3, Q4), resonnance (Q1, Q2) associated to filters above...


DRIVE : distorsion levels (per band, low, mid1, mid2, high)



Cabinet impulse:

Input Gain
Output Gain

Transfer function and distorded signal example...
ClickSwitch/Paramtoggle / activate the switch or focus the param
DragKnob/Sliderup/right to increase value / down/left to decrease value
Shift+DragKnob/Sliderfine control
Ctrl+Click/Command+ClickKnob/Slider/Switchset to default value
Edit with KeyboardParamedit the value directly
MouseWheelKnob/Sliderrotate upward to increase value / downward to decrease value
Shift+MouseWheelKnob/Sliderfine control